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Energy/Demand Shedding

While some companies are required to demand shed electrical load in order to reduce their electrical cost, all share the one common goal – to lower their energy bills.  Here is a method that should not be overlooked.


An electrical sub meter can be added to your existing Energy Management System to allow for more control of the electrical usage in your Building.  By having more control, the peak usage can be monitored and decreased which will amount to a lower electric bill while maintaining building comfort.

An energy meter alone is a good investment but when integrated with an Energy Management System (EMS) many money saving opportunities become available.  With an energy meter installed, the EMS will keep track of a buildings energy usage at all times and control its connected equipment to limit the amount of energy being used.  This program is designed to automatically change setpoints, parameters and turn equipment off or down throughout the system when the peak usage is approaching the desired limit.  This will decrease the peak KW usage and result in a significant energy saving. 

Burnell Controls is not only interested in supplying and installing this feature, but also designing a program based on your specific needs that will increase efficiency and maximize savings.  Our staff has the knowledge and the resources to accomplish great things with your specific situation.  Every building operates differently so we recommend that you contact Burnell Controls and schedule a complimentary walk through with our PE, Pepper White in the Energy Management Department.  Pepper will help you discover the opportunities and benefits we can provide.

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