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Total Comfort.

Total Control.

Design & Installation

“Do what it takes to do the job right the first time and every time.”


For over twenty years Burnell Controls has worked closely in the design and installation of Environmental Management and Building Control Systems with HVAC Contractors, consulting firms, general contractors and the end user to ensure that your needs are met “first time and every time”.  We believe that if you are successful then we will be successful.  The foundation of our success is based upon repeat business from our satisfied customers and their referrals.


Led by our licensed control systems engineers, Burnell Controls’ in-house engineering team designs customized building automation and energy management systems from the ground up. Utilizing the latest technology for new construction and retrofits, the team produces designs for the bid and spec market, as well as private industry projects. 


These design packages may include:

  • Complete AutoCAD control drawings

  • Diagrams detailing control system design

  • Valve & damper sizing and selection

  • Controller layout & sensor selection

  • Sequences of operation

  • Project Management

  • Engineered Turnkey Packages  


We provide a complete package of engineering submittals, shop and as-built project drawings, fully documenting your project for future reference and ease of support.


Our engineers will examine and evaluate your total system needs. Our goal is to ensure that the ideal design configuration which meets all of the immediate as well as the long-term requirements can be identified early in the design process.  We will also discuss with you any new and emerging technologies for possible inclusion into the system design.


Once the design is finalized, Burnell Control's in-house programming team translates the sequence of operations into computer code, downloads this code into the controllers, and builds the customized graphical user interface.


Burnell Control's in-house installation team of technicians and licensed electricians then installs and verifies operation of the designed system under the supervision of a project manager to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.


Finally Burnell Controls offers the customer a wide variety of Preventative Maintenance Plans to best meet your specific needs.  

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