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"This summer, with the support and guidance from Burnell Controls, we fully integrated the water heaters and the recirculating pump to the Building Automation System. The integration included two settings, Occupied Time and Unoccupied Time. During the Unoccupied Time (10 PM to 5:59 AM), we drop the supply and return temp by 10 to 15 degrees. The savings is certainly evident on the July 2018 gas bill."


Ebell Vasquez, Housing Manager

MI Residential Community, Inc

Winter's Blast…..

"The most recent cold spell went ok. The week before, we had a power outage of just under 3 hours, and the only reason we didn't have a lot of frozen pipes and major loss was because the jace woke me up to tell me! The power at my house was only off for a couple of seconds, but when the emg class alarm didn't clear promptly I came right in at 4AM (it was about ten degrees below 0!) and opened all interior doors to try to keep the coldest corners of the place above freezing. One tricky spot hidden inside a wall froze and leaked when it thawed out later that day, but I was here on top of it to minimize the damage quickly and am properly insulating and air-blocking that space now.  But let me leave you with no doubt, the new controls probably paid for themselves that morning, no joke!!"

Tim Gordon


Ebell Vasquez, Housing Manager

MI Residential Community, Inc

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